Designed a logo, biz cards and letterhead for Providence Group. The company that owns two healthcare facilities that I also designed logos they wanted it all to sort of "flow" and have the same feel as far as colors, and logo designs go. 

Very simple and classy. Just the way I like it :-).

Designed my sister in laws New Years cards (since she sort of missed the christmas card deadline haha) not like she isn't busy with four little munchkins or anything right!?! :-) I love this cute family...aren't they just precious?!

Just finished up Inner Circle Foods design for their it's time to transfer it on over to the web masters who will make it all come to life! Super excited indeed!

Is this not cutest family ever?! My sister in law had me design her Christmas card...and I couldn't wait to pump out my first holiday card design this year! Since I am not really taking on "holiday card designs" this year I figured doing a few wouldn't hurt!?! :-)

We went with a trifold design, simply b/c she had to many cute photos that I wanted/had to include!

Christmas is just around the corner! eeeeek.

Can I just say...I have loved designing this blog for my friend Laura. She is a creative guru and so I was initially nervous to do something for someone with such a creative mind! But we worked great together, and now she can start sharing her talents with all you readers! From party planning, to DIY projects and SO MUCH MORE...her blog will be a blast to follow along with...

Go check it out: Make Life Lovely

Oh it was a joy working with Chelsey on her new photography site, she wanted it to be very clean but still colorful! She had a certain color palette she wanted to go with and a certain "idea" of what she wanted...and this is what I came up with! It was a success indeed!

Designed a quote poster for the winner of a giveaway! 
This was the quote she well as more of a "natural" color pallet. :-)

Just finished up a custom mail piece for Heather over at Inner Circle Foods...
a fun way to add a creative touch to your mail orders! :-)

Put together a custom flyer for Balboa Health Care...they wanted it to be classic with a slight "flare" (whatever that means haha) so this was the final product which they were very happy about! I love the blue and grey subtle and soothing--I think I might do my bedroom decor in these colors!

I designed a new blog for my dear friend Jamie. She wanted a more nautical theme...since she lives in California it seemed very fitting :-). So that is what I did. I think it turned out pretty nautical indeed :-)

I always love workin' with Heather, she has been so much fun to brainstorm with and design things for! 
Here is a logo I created for their new up and coming business! Simple but eye catching. :-)

Sorry I haven't updated in so long, I have been so busy with so many other "projects" and what not that I've forgotten to update my design blog. For now I'll simply upload a little logo I designed for my sisters friend, who has an etsy shop called Tea Party Jewelry. Very dainty, very feminine and very "her". She wanted pink and turquoise and I added some lace for a bit of a "vintage" feel for her etsy banner :-).

This logo has been in the works for a while, with a lot of changes here and there, and we finally got it to the final round and called it good! :-) Which is always a good thing indeed!

They wanted it to be blues and greys, with a creative twist but still be very here is the final logo design for C&G Consulting.

Just finished up a fun, simple but ever so bright and cheery blog design for Abi over at Pineapple Papers. She was such a breeze to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and designing her something that resonated with her style!

Happy blogging!

Created a fun address change announcement...simple with a "creative" touch

Ashlea wanted a custom poster with the lyrics "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" but since there are about ten verses (okay I might be over exaggerating a bit but there are a lot of verses) she wanted the one with "lemon drops" included in it. She also liked the color palette of I Wonder When He Comes Again song poster, so that is what I did!

I really do just love this song, it brings back so many fond childhood memories--we always watched Wizard of Oz growing up, it was one of my faves! Great choice Ashlea!

I'm throwing a little luncheon shower for a dear friend of mine, and just finished up her invites...they turned out pretty cute, and simple. Just like my friend jamie :-)

I was fortunate enough to work with Heather once again, but this time on a new logo design for her blog business she has with a few friends (all about gluten free products!) Inner Circle Chic.

Here is the logo I designed for her and the gang...

I put together a little soccer banner for my niece Carly--I mean how much more intimidating can their team name be...RED ROSES?! haha

Oh I miss those days when all I cared about was "recess" and soccer practice. :-)

Whitney Johnson is the author of a new book coming out Dare,Dream, Do...I have been working a lot with her on various projects. For this specific little design she needed social networking cards to get the word out about her new book! I thought it was such a fun idea. Very simple and informative. Not to much glitz and glamour but the design is more "professional".



Dandelions are one of my favorites when it comes to having a whimsical and simple design. Ashley wanted something very simple, with a fresh and soft color pallete. So that is what I designed for her! Happy Blogging Ashley! Now you'll love to post for your family and friends! 

One of my favorite things to do is Logo design...especially when it involves crisp lines and simplicity. Macy gave me the color pallette and I went from there. Mustard yellow (thinly around the circle) and then kept with all red (she has red she wanted something that reflected her in a creative way)

This is her website she had designed...with my logo (super cute indeed!)

Finished up a customized poster for Angelique (I designed her blog a few months back...) and she LOVES the sort of Marie Antoinette/vintage zoey feel...she provided me with some inspiration and this is what I came up with! Plus, it has somewhat of a "boutiquey" feel which I really do love! I think I have found a new design niche...ha. Its definitely not for everyone, but I love the colors and the overall feel of it! 

I always love seeing what companies do with the logos I design for them. This was a logo I did for Provo Towers rehab center and they had it put onto a waterfall backdrop. So neat!

Designed a fun new logo for So Lucky...a company that specializes in gluten free food for special occasions! Love the meaning behind their business, and behind their company name. Heather and her partners were such a joy to work with. :-)

Nothin' more exhilarating then finishing up a big project and being fully satisfied. (this happens a lot less then I'd like!) But this blog design was one of those projects. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot of new things...which is why I love what I do. Alexa and Kirby wanted something very clean and fresh. THey gave me a whole smorgasbord of inspiration, and this is what I came up with!

Super fresh and clean with a few subtle creative touches here and there...

I designed a new header for Sara, I tried to incorporate a lot of the inspirational photos she sent over for me to go off of (lots of black and white with touches of red and grey) 

And I thought the little arrow was a fun touch :-)

Hope you love it Sara...Happy blogging!

Finished up Ashley's custom blog...and I am very happy with the way it turned out! She wanted something black and white with a touch of green! Then she wanted her sidebars to be black and white circles...simple enough right?! :-)
We cleaned up her blog a bit, de-clutterized it and organized all of her posts into a nice horizontal navigation bar! 

Thanks for the chance to work with you Ashley, you were simply a joy! xoxo

Designed a fun logo for a friend who is starting a small business with her mom and grandma called Rosefields (the site isn't up and running yet...buts it's for cute designer eco-friendly bags you can take to the grocery store rather then using paper or plastic!)

 And here is the business card design...I kept with the swirly theme and added a little touch to the corner...oh these would be so fantastic if they were letterpressed! I seriously need a letterpress machine! :-) Or maybe I just want one...but who's to say right?! ha.

Just finished up a logo for Kelly over at Smith & Jones co. 
She wanted it to be very classic (something she could keep for a while) and this is the final design!
I really do think the grey and black make for an extremely classic logo if I do say so myself :-)

Just finished up a nice, very monochromatic blog. Simple but makes a statement (black always does!) with cute round social icons that adds a bit of femininity. 

Annie wanted something that looked similar to my Color Issue blog...and so that is what I went off of. 

Nothin' like a nice fresh start for any blogger!

Rebecca wanted a more nautical feel, but with some orange and blue to spruce it up a bit.
So I added in a little stripe, with a boat (I thought nothing says nautical like a sail boat!)

And here you have it!

Happy blogging Rebecca!

 Designed a very simple poster for a laundry looks so cute against her green walls!
oh yes, laundry rooms are simply just loads of fun aren't they!?! haha

I put together a small header for Connie's photography site. She provided the logo that was designed previously, and wanted me to put it in an artistic layout which is just what I tried to do!
Something whimsical and fun...all wrapped up in one!

I just designed a new, bright, cheery header for Molly. I have been a reader of her blog for a very long time now, and so when I was able to do this for her it was such a honor.
I hope that you enjoy it Molly! It's like a fresh new start...happy blogging! :-)

I received an email from a soon to be mother of the groom. She wanted to give her soon to be daughter in law a special gift. Something that had meaning and sentimental she had me design a poster with her sons bday, brides bday, their first date, engagement date and wedding date. What a cute idea huh?!
Here was the color inspiration I found on her pinterest...such a pretty pallet of colors:

and here is the 8 x 10  poster:

Just finished a blog design for the Gee's...Have you ever heard of G-Raw the clothing company? Well I haven't until a couple days ago...when Angelique and her hubby love to wear G-Raw clothing line and it just so happens that their last name is Gee! What are the odds?!

She wanted her blog to replicate the overall feel of the G-Raw website. So this is what I came up with! The middle of the large iconic G says "Gee-Stars" instead of G-Raw...that was Angelique's idea...

Hope you are having the time of your life over there in Tokyo...Happy blogging Angelique!

Jo-Anna won the header giveaway!

Thanks for entering Jo-Anna...Hope you simply love it!


I am so so so so so excited to announce that my new blog COLOR ISSUE is up up up!
There are few tweaks that I will be making here and there but I couldn't contain it any longer...this blog is going to be so much fun! It is something I have been thinking up and planning for quite some time...and now is the perfect time to get it started!


spread the news... 

Did a little trade and designed a header for Delighted Momma...the dandelion is sort of her cute little "trademark" so I thought it was good to keep with that theme...

very simple. very clean. very delightful :-)

If you knew Sadie, you would know she loves her dog Nova. Which happens to be a hound. A big, huge blubbery dog ( I can say that b/c its my dog to, well in the sense that its our family dog but Sadie has pretty much taken nova on as her own ha)

She is up at school and decided to join the blogging world to keep us all up to date on her fun filled college I designed a header for her that was a personal and fun!